How to Kickstart a Personalized Web Experience

Did you know that tailoring the online experience to individual needs can help your bank succeed in your markets? Amanda Rowe and Jim Pannos will take you on a guided tour of web personalization to help you gain insight on all of the options available to you when creating a prioritized personalization plan. This insight will assist you in separating your bank from your local competition, while leveling the playing field with even the biggest banks.


  • What Personalization is 
  • Five Essential Elements of a Personalization Plan
  • Concerns About Privacy & Security
  • Case Studies

On Demand Webinar

Meet Our Experts

James Pannos

Being a financial services marketing veteran, Jim has led the agency in its journey as an industry pioneer since 1994. His comprehensive knowledge of the financial world and passion for initiating and fostering lasting business relationships has given our clients the competitive edge needed to achieve ultimate success.

Amanda Rowe
Senior Vice President, Delivery

For the last 5 years, Amanda has been an influential leader at the agency. Amanda’s graphic design background and depth of experience in marketing and media has helped her to implement a strategic oversight which has been essential to ensuring our clients have access to high-powered integrated marketing solutions.